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Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

An idea is born. A new way to service internal or external customers. A better way to process information or reduce cost. Whatever the driver, you have ideas to better your business.

In today’s competitive world, successful companies leverage multiple tools to understand and assess opportunities and threats to their business. When it comes to the topic of data and intelligence, some companies find that through the amount of information collected and organized that it is possible to “be your own worst enemy” when trying to analyze data for growth.

Having insight to internal operations, finance, sales metrics, service level agreements and customer satisfaction has risen to the top of many organizations, must have list. It is possible that the answers to your companies future resides in the massive amount of data you’ve been collecting.

To bring forward thinking progress to your organization, our team looks both internally and externally to our Customers business to assess the realm of possibility for insight and clarity through data. Through a combination approach of analyzing data format and accessibility, Dhanush Informatics solutions provide a roadmap to :

  • Deliver a unified platform of applications, content and metrics across the enterprise
  • Monitor business operations in real-time
  • Set business targets, see results and understand the drivers
  • Identify and analyze opportunities and trends with “live” data for drill down analysis
  • Enable business users to work with information the way they want through reports, dashboards, scorecards
  • Adopt BI technologies through training and mentoring for authoring and sharing information
  • Use our expertise to maximize your benefits. Our Business Analysis and Intelligence solutions can show you how to recognize trends and patterns allowing you to anticipate and shape events and improve business outcomes. Not only can you drive more top-line growth and control costs, you can also identify risks that could derail your plans – and take timely corrective action.
Our team in this area have helped numerous Customers :
  • Grow customer value through improved cross-sell opportunities and product associations
  • Detect and prevent fraud by surfacing anomalies in transaction behavior
  • Increase their ability to make risk-aware decisions
  • Significantly improve the value of the budgeting, planning and forecasting processes
  • Enhance visibility, insight and control over the levers of revenue, expense, capital, workforce and operational performance

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In today’s competitive world, successful companies leverage multiple tools...

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